Jump in and Start!

"Since I started distributing Kannaway's hemp products, I have received
such positive feedback

and response from customers who tried cbd oil/salve. It's a very good
feeling to hear how

the products contributed to their health. I have seen how well the
company's reward system
works when it comes to getting paid quickly.
It's fun to build your
own team and work forward your goals. When my
customers automatically recommend the products
to others, I know that
I work with really good products and then I have become

even more encouraged to continue as a distributor"
- Katarina

Do YOU want to build you own business, working from home, using social
medias and your
network and getting paid every week?

The chance to get a regular income is huge in this company. It has several
possibilities to get money from what you are doing, 10 different ways to
earn money!

1. Retail. You buy products at retail prices and collect points (BV).
These are collected on an account at kannaway (payquicker) which is then
converted into money. You will receive a Visa card. 2. Direct sales bonus. You get a bonus on what you sell and what your
team sells.If you have added a seller (Brand Ambassador-BA) or customer,
you will receive a direct bonus on its purchase and sale in the future.
Sellers and customers are placed in three separate legs. If you want to
have more bonus you must reach higher rank and collect points/BV under
these separate legs.
3. Rank Bonus. You step up your sales and rises in rank. The different
rank are: 4. Minimum income guarantee. When you get up to a certain number of points
depending on the rank you are in, you have the company's minimum
guaranteed income statement that month. The first step is about $ 500
that you are guaranteed after reaching 5000 BV from 2 of your legs
(not more than 40% from one leg, not more than 60% from another).
If you would still have less points than your rank requires, the company
goes in that month and pay you the rest! 5. Fast start bonus. This is the opportunity for those who want to make
a kickstart with the option of triple bonuses on all your enrolled
distributors who buy a value package. If you want to start and row fast,
you buy a fixed boot package. Depending the package and how fast you work,
you will have either 3000 points (30 days) or 9000 points (60-90 days)
meaning you have a certain number of days to get 3 distributors buying a
value package. If you succeed, you will have tripled bonus for life on all
future distributors and customers who purchase a value package for the
first time. (Triple bonus means $ 60 in bonus instead of 20, and iy lasts
for life). 6-10. These opportunities open soon after you reach certain rankings.
Check match bonus, Lifestyle bonus, Team commissions, Rank Infinity Bonus,
Coded Infinity Bonus.
Opportunities for bonuses are almost infinite, and go down several stages
in the generation tree. More about these bonuses, you can learn from
a presentation via Zoom. Book in the contact form.

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